What treatments are available for Percocet drug addiction?

What Treatments Are Available For Percocet Drug Addiction?

Percocet Drug AddictionPercocet drug addiction is a problem that can affect people from all walks of life; it is not a drug that is reserved for only the wealthy or those living at or near the poverty line.  Dependency on Percocet usually starts at the hospital or medical facility where a patient is receiving treatment for a painful accident, illness or chronic disease and is initially supervised by a medical professional.  Fortunately if a patient does develop a Percocet drug addiction, there are numerous options for treatment.  Facilities like the Horizon Clinic offer exceptional care and progressive treatments in the form of alternative and less habiting-forming medications.  There are other options as well that will be discussed below.


  • Support groups/meetings – Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is one such group that typically has daily, weekly and monthly meetings in most all cities that allow addicts to come in and find the strength in numbers to abstain from Percocet. Support groups are a good idea for addicts that are in recovery, which usually comes after a successful medical treatment and some counseling.  Percocet drug addiction is a serious illness and former addicts should utilize this resource whenever they feel that they are experiencing triggers to start using again.


  • Outpatient Facilities – This option typically involves some one-on-one time between the patient and a counselor. These wellness centres do not have patients that are admitted full-time; this is usually the step where the former addict begins to get back into society and can visit with family and friends while trying to avoid falling back into their Percocet drug addiction.  The patient usually has a scheduled weekly or bi-weekly meeting where they discuss behaviour that triggers abuse and coping mechanisms for such an occasion.


  • Inpatient Facilities – Patients getting treatment for painful illnesses sometimes need very strong pain relievers and the chemical make-up of these medications can create crippling physical and psychological addictions in very little time. Sadly enough, former patients that have been cured of their ailments must move from the hospital bed to a narcotic addiction facility to recover from this collateral problem.  Thankfully there are many centers out there that can help patients detox from Percocet and navigate through the withdrawal symptoms in a peaceful setting.  They also have access to several medications that can help wean the patient off of the narcotic for an easier transition into recovery.
A Few Words about Alternative Medications

A couple of the most effective medications that patients can be prescribed to combat the effects of their addictive drug of choice are Methadone and Soboxone.  These two opioids are designed to help addicts overcome their diseases by negating the chemicals in them that create the dopamine release in the brain and CNS.  They are both unique and are used by facilities like the Horizons Clinic with a high level of success to fight Percocet drug addiction.


Methadone – This opioid can help reduce addict’s craving for Percocet by blocking the high that usually comes with usage, while still allowing the pain relieving properties of the drug to help the patient manage their illness or injury.  Methadone has proven to be an effective aid in treating heroin, cocaine, amphetamine and prescription drug addicts as they navigate through the detoxification and withdrawal stages of recovering from their addiction.


Suboxone – Also an opioid, but less addictive than Methadone which makes it a good stepping stone as the patient makes their way from Percocet to Methadone and beyond.  There are fewer side effects when using Suboxone as well.  Patients suffering from Percocet drug addiction can expect to see positive results with the use of Suboxone in a controlled environment such as a facility like Horizons Clinic.

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