What are the short term effects of using Percocet?

What Are The Short Term Effects of Using Percocet?

Percocet Short Term EffectPercocet short term effects look at lot like symptoms of the flu.  The drug is generally prescribed to patients under medical supervision that are suffering from debilitating illnesses. The drug is the combination of an opioid (oxycodone) and a pain reliever (acetaminophen).  This Schedule II controlled substance is considered a narcotic and is legal to possess with a prescription, but illegal without one.  The tandem of active chemicals that make up Percocet heighten the effects of each when ingested and the together they form a powerful analgesic.


Analgesics are proven to be very dangerous because they prevent the user from achieving a plateau while ingesting the drug, so there is a greater tendency to consume additional doses so the effects continue to increase.  Specifically, oxycodone creates a euphoric feeling in the patient by binding to pain receptors and blocking them, which triggers a release of the pleasure chemical dopamine in the brain.  The acetaminophen effectively reduces pain in the user and promotes the analgesic effect.  This is a very effective medication for patients suffering from moderate to severe pain and chronic illnesses, but can work quickly to form a powerful physical and psychological addiction.


Percocet short term effects make the user feel sluggish and lazy.  They may sleep more and show less interest in life.  The following physical and mental signs could indicate some form of regular use or dependency if found in clusters.


  • Sweating
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety
  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Mood swings


As mentioned above there is also a chance of addiction even in short term use due to the serious physical and psychological effects of Percocet.  For this reason, it is not uncommon for patients that are given steady doses of Percocet in a hospital or treatment facility to leave with a dependency problem.  When this occurs, it is important to make sure friends and family of the patient are watching for Percocet short term effects to determine if the former patient is abusing the drug after his/her illness.  Fortunately there are wellness centers like the Horizons Clinic that can assist these former patients turned addicts before their problem gets out of hand.  These clinics use alternative medications like Methadone and Suboxone to allow the user to continue taking the pain medications, but the opioid effects are cancelled out.  Without the high, there is a greater chance that the addict can progress through the withdrawal symptoms.

Percocet Withdrawals

Even with short term use, Percocet is so powerful that a patient can exhibit withdrawal symptoms after only a few days of taking the drug regularly.  Patients can expect to have physical symptoms that include:


– Fevers – Insomnia
– Chills – Migraines
– Nausea


These will give way to behavioural changes that are equally unpleasant:


– Depression – Apathy
– Anxiety – Loss of control
– Isolation – Lying


Overall, Percocet short term effects are not the worst in the world and as long as the drug is not used in tandem with another substance like alcohol, a prescription that is followed will more than likely not prove to be habit forming, but if the dosage is high and for a prolonged period, there is a chance of addiction, which is the ultimate short term effect.  Should you or someone you know experience the symptoms listed above and they are not under the supervision of a physician, you should try to get them help immediately at a wellness center or rehabilitation facility like the Horizons Clinic that can treat them before the addiction gets out of hand.

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