How can someone get Oxycontin drug addiction help?

How Can Someone Get Oxycontin Drug Addiction Help?

Oxycontin Drug Addiction HelpYou cannot predict who will become addicted to Oxycontin. Unlike many street drugs, often the user starts out by taking it as a prescription for severe pain and ends up with the secondary problem of forming an addiction. Fortunately Oxycontin drug addiction help is available.


Oxycontin addiction is a major problem in society today due to a multitude of reasons that center on its legality, prevalence and potency.  The drug is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance, which means it is regulated and illegal to possess without a prescription, but the drug easily finds its way into the hands of addicts and individuals who sell tablets and prescriptions for money or other drugs.  The analgesic effects of Oxycontin are designed to relieve pain in chronic sufferers no matter what their level of pain because the plateau is removed, which means the more patients ingest, the greater the euphoric high they will feel.  Despite being incredibly effective for patients with debilitating illnesses and diseases, this makes Oxycontin are highly addictive drug that is regularly abused by a large portion of the population.


These are the major reasons why people with an Oxycontin addiction need to seek help; a full-blown addict is more than likely too physically and psychologically wrapped up in the drug to abstain or fight the withdrawal symptoms alone.  There are many resources for addicts to use when seeking help.  They can go to any of the following facilities to get treatment, advice and recovery assistance:


  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Emergency care locations
  • Mental health facilities


Facilities like the Horizons Clinic can accept addicts for inpatient stays that need help detoxing and fighting the symptoms of withdrawal which include:


– Muscle, joint and bones aches – Cold and flu-like symptoms
– Diarrhea – Weakness
– Migraines – High blood pressure
– Anxiety – Nausea
– Heart palpitations


As you can see, these are not pleasant effects to fight through when ridding the drug from an addict’s body.  The best plan for getting help with Oxycontin addiction is to seek out the help of trained medical professionals.


In addition to prescribing medications which can help block the symptoms of withdrawal and the effect that Oxycontin has on the brain, individual and group therapy can help an addict discover their own triggers and provide them with the support that they need to stay clean.  While medications such as methadone and suboxone work on the patient’s physical symptoms, professional counselling will help them to deal with the mental and emotional challenges of struggling with an addiction.


All clinics are different, some focus merely on fighting the symptoms of withdrawal while others try to solve the problem with therapy alone.  There are clinics that utilize holistic therapies to help addicts overcome the crippling psychological addiction.  Some facilities like the Horizons Clinic employ a mixture of behavioral and medicinal therapies with the ratio tailored to each unique patient’s needs.  No matter what type of facility is chosen, it is important for the addict to seek support when attempting to abstain from the grip of Oxycontin.  Fortunately there are many options for Oxycontin drug addiction help for individuals from all walks of life regardless of their needs.

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