What are the effects of mixing Fentanyl drugs and alcohol?

What Are The Effects of Mixing Fentanyl Drugs and Alcohol?

As with most drugs, mixing Fentanyl with alcohol is a dangerous idea. Each drug, combined with alcohol, will elicit unique results, but Fentanyl is particularly dangerous because of the way it slows bodily functions and relaxes the user. Combining Fentanyl with alcohol can be fatal.

Why Is It Dangerous?

Fentanyl Drugs and AlcoholFentanyl is especially dangerous for people who have not already built up a tolerance to opioid drugs, or narcotics. It is never prescribed to individuals who have not already been on potent pain relievers, such as morphine. If these other narcotics are no longer working for a patient, a doctor may prescribe Fentanyl to aide in their ability to stop chronic, or extreme, pain.


When people begin to use Fentanyl outside of the care of a medical professional, they run the risk of ingesting too high a dosage, increasing their doses each time they use. This is highly reckless, and can result in fatal, or near fatal, side effects.


Mixing Fentanyl with alcohol increases the effects of the drug. Since Fentanyl relaxes the user, and alcohol is a depressant, the two, in combination, can lead to extreme relaxation to the point of sedation. Many users experience symptoms of depression, and sometimes the user will slip into a coma. Alcohol does speed up the release of Fentanyl in the user’s system, thereby increasing the levels of the drug in their bloodstream.

How is Fentanyl Taken?

There are several forms of Fentanyl that are available when the user is looking to partake recreationally. Fentanyl is the generic name for the drug, where Duragesic is the name for the patch that is applied to the skin; Actiq is the lozenge; Abstral is a tablet that is placed under the tongue to dissolve; Lazanda is the name for the nasal spray version; Onsolis is the film that is placed in the mouth to dissolve. These are only some of the forms that Fentanyl is available in.


When people take Fentanyl recreationally (because of dependence, rather than by monitored prescription), they often are unaware of the dosage they are receiving, and how much they need to take to get high. This can lead to overdose.


Many drug addicts will mix drugs and alcohol to get high, hoping the substances will help each other achieve the right results. They may even mix multiple drugs, combined with alcohol. This self-medication is highly dangerous because abusers aren’t always aware of the results that will derive from their combinations. They are looking to get high, but the wrong combination, especially in high dosage, can lead to very severe health results, including death.


There is a high chance that the combination of alcohol and Fentanyl in a person’s body will lead to respiratory arrest. While some alcohol and drug combinations can lead to high blood pressure, alcohol and Fentanyl will do quite the opposite, as it calms the body down until it stops working. As the muscles relax, they slow down until they aren’t functioning at all, and the person can fall asleep and stop breathing.

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