If you suffer from drug addiction, and you are ready to look into change, we are here to help.

Methadone Clinic Toronto

Drug Dependence

Dependence on drugs is a medical condition that can happen to anyone. It can be difficult for people to seek help however, because of the negative stigma attached to the disease. Those struggling to recover should know that they are not alone. The dependence on any type of drug is not necessarily due to a heavy dosage. Once the body becomes dependent on the drug a person will experience withdrawals when they are unable to get their regular dosage.  This can be extremely unpleasant and makes quitting very difficult.  But it can be done.  Please give us a call if you are ready to make that change.

Beat the Addiction

While many people blame themselves for a drug dependence, it is something that can happen very easily after only a few experiences with a drug. There is a lot that goes into beating addiction, but the sooner a patient is willing to get started, the sooner they will be able to start getting their life back.

Methadone Clinic Toronto
Methadone Clinic Toronto

Methadone & Suboxone Clinic

As the premier medical clinic in the greater Toronto area, Horizons Clinic has a big job to do, treating patients from all walks of life who have become addicted to opiate based drugs such as codeine, morphine, heroin, OxyContin or Percocet, as well as others. Our methadone clinics in the greater Toronto area are  focused on providing harm reduction programs with the utmost respect and non-judgemental care.  Once a patient has gone through the program, the clinic makes sure that continuous care is given so that the chances of a relapse are lowered.

Two Treatment Programs

The centres utilize two highly effective treatment programs that have high success rates in treating opiate-based drug addictions. Instead of an individuals  getting clean by going cold turkey, which is painful  and has a very low success rate, we utilize either  Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program or  Buprenorphine Treatment therapy.  Both have proven to be more successful. Though it is still a difficult journey to battle and beat a drug addiction, these treatment programs help make the process easier.

Methadone Clinic Toronto

“The stigma that is associated with Methadone and Suboxone is just not present at our clinic.”

Dr. Jameet Bawa, BSC, MD, CCFP

Discrete Locations – Confidential Consultations

Our offices are discreetly located within doctor’s offices and walk-in clinics. This allows for patients to reach out for help without having to walk into a clearly marked methadone clinic or treatment centre. The reason for your visit is always kept confidential, so there is no one who would know why you are in the office other than the friendly and helpful staff.  Our staff are some of the most dedicated and trustworthy physicians, working one-on-one with each individual that comes in for help.

Are you looking for help with an opiate-based drug addiction? Do you want to get help from a discrete practice?  Would you like a helpful team of physicians walking you through the journey of getting clean? Horizons has  five locations;  Etobicoke, Brampton, Burlington, Windsor, and London. All which are full of friendly professionals ready to help you get your life back on track.