Methadone Clinic

As addiction is a disease just like diabetes we believe the people with substance abuse should get the same type of care as diabetics.  This means we are full service medical clinics that have family doctors, specialists and nurses.


If you need a family doctor we can typically refer you to a member of our staff.  If you need a flu shot, we can give it to you.  Patients tend to appreciate this as it means their entire treatment plan is coordinated and that everyone involved in the care plan, knows what is happening.

Methadone Clinic Toronto
What does this mean for you? Better care.

This model of care has been shown in studies to provide a much higher chance of recovery. In addition, it removes a lot of the stigma that people have with respect to methadone clinics. We know that it is difficult to ask for help and we know that the process is much easier if you are just going to a regular doctor’s office. This is the reason we do this. To help you get the care you need and to make the process as easy as possible.

Those who do not live near a methadone treatment program may find it difficult to get the help they need. This is because methadone treatment cannot be given to patients to take on their own.  There are guidelines that methadone programs must follow.


The most difficult part of the guidelines is that   individuals must go to a pharmacy daily in the beginning to receive their medication.  For someone who lives far away, this can be an added obstacle to recovery and they may end up skipping doses and find the treatment to be difficult.  However, you can look at this as a positive as it helps most individuals develop a positive routine to their day.  In addition, it establishes more positive connections to the community.

Lastly, you must remember these daily visits are just at the beginning of treatment.

In addition to helping patients get back control of their lives, methadone clinics or methadone treatment programs also help communities. These treatment programs help people kick their illegal drug habits and lower drug related crimes. Methadone and Suboxone programs help reduce the rates of Hepatitis B and C, and HIV, which reduces overall health costs. They reduce the number of people driving under the influence of drugs and subsequently improve the roads for everybody.  Those in a program, do better at work, better at their relationships and generally improve the quality of the communities that they live.


It is methadone clinics that help people who have nowhere else to turn and give them the opportunity to piece their lives back together. Those who have been through successful methadone treatments are the proof behind how successful these clinics are.