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Starting Suboxone

  • Methadone Start

    Start with a moderate dose

  • Suboxone Start

    Are you ready for induction?

  • Methadone or Suboxone

    Which one is right for you?

Treatment begins with Induction. Induction is generally considered the first 2-3 days of your treatment.* You will be asked to present yourself at the doctor’s office in a moderate state of withdrawal. Being in this state is vital to having successful induction on buprenorphine.  The more withdrawal that you are in on the first day, the faster Suboxone will work.

Suboxone Treatment

Free the misused drugs

The drug you have been misusing needs to be free from the receptors in your brain so that the suboxone can bind to them. The doctor will give you your first dose of the medication.  You will be asked to return to the clinic in 2-4 hours so that the doctor can reassess you and see how effective the first dose was.  If you are still having a bit of withdrawal, then you will be prescribed another dose if you are uncomfortable.  This process is called induction.


When you are ready to leave the office, the doctor may give you instructions and a prescription that will last until your next appointment. The doctor may also want to discuss counselling, since adding counselling to treatment with medication has been shown to bring better results.


Treatments done with suboxone are different from other treatments such as a cold turkey. Cold turkey is when a patient stops all use of drugs which causes the body to go into full withdrawal mode. This is a very painful process both physically and mentally. Due to the severe pain that patients have to go through when they choose to do the cold turkey method, many of them relapse simply to ease the torture of detoxing. We do not recommend going cold turkey.

We are here to help

For those people, a drug like suboxone is, both literally and figuratively, a lifesaver.

Anyone who is struggling with an addiction can seek help at Horizons. This premier facility is known for its dedication to helping those who are struggling. We understand that what you are trying to do is very difficult.  We applaud you for trying to get help and begin to turn your life around. You will find our nurses and doctors to be caring and respectful of your situation.


With the help of suboxone, and the addition of therapy treatments, many lives have been saved and forever changed. Individuals who were once completely dependent on narcotics  live a more happie life without their addictions controlling their every move. For those people, a drug like suboxone is, both literally and figuratively, a lifesaver.