Parent resources for drug addiction help

Parent Resources For Drug Addiction Help

Parents should have access to all of the free resources they need regarding getting drug addiction help for their kids. There are so many organizations, websites and facilities that provide everything the parents need to know, and all of the support they need to receive, to get through such trying times.

What Parents Need To Know About Drugs

Drug Addiction HelpParents need to know that kids aren’t necessarily buying their drug on the streets. Although percentages are declining in recent years, the number of kids who have used prescription opioid drugs to get high are astounding, and most of these kids admitted that they found the drugs at home. Kids are using legal prescription drugs for recreational use, and they have easy access to them in their own homes. Many parents trust their kids too much to think they might ever abuse what’s in the medicine cabinet, but the statistics show that teenagers are getting high on drugs they find at home. It is important that parents know this, and that they should return unused prescription drugs to the pharmacy. Often when a person has a surgery or an injury, they are prescribed very strong pain killers which may contain codeine, oxycodone, hydromorphone, and other potent drugs that are dangerous and addictive when taken in excess. If the person who was prescribed the drug doesn’t use the whole quantity dispensed, the remaining pills should be returned to the pharmacy where they are out of reach of curious teenagers.


Parents also need to know the warning signs and how to recognize drug abuse in their own homes. There are physical and physiological signs that, when understood, can point to drug abuse. Parents need to be able to communicate with their kids and observe their behaviour to notice these signs and symptoms.

Free Resources For Parents

There are plenty of websites and organizations that offer help to parents of drug-addicted and drug-abusing teens. Some of these organizations include:


  • Health Canada – where parents can learn about drug abuse, how to spot the signs and how to get the right help
  • Council on Drug Abuse (CODA) – targeting prevention in middle school-aged kids
  • Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine – for professional advice about the science and medicine of addiction
  • Kids Help Phone – offering kids a chance to talk to someone about their issues confidentially
  • Above the Influence – targeting peer pressure and prevention in teens
  • Teen Mental Health – providing sound information about mental health issues to teens
  • Prevent Teen Drug Abuse – gives teens and parents information about marijuana and the risks of using drugs
  • Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse – guiding parents through their kids’ drug abuse


Some of these resources are helpful for parents to point their kids towards, so they can find the information and support they, themselves, need. Sometimes teens don’t want to talk to their parents about their curiosity or experience with drugs, but they might talk to a counsellor over the phone, or be able to read information on the internet without feeling accused. The necessary and appropriate help is out there – sometimes a quick search can help you find everything you need.

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