What are some common symptoms of Percocet drug addiction?

What Are Some Common Symptoms of Percocet Drug Addiction?

There are many Percocet drug addiction symptoms, but loved ones and guardians must be aware that they need to look for them in order to identify dependency.  Prescription medications are being formulated with such powerful chemical compounds that patients taking them for terminal illnesses and chronic pain can almost certainly expect to develop a dependency over prolonged use and the sad truth is that many of them carry the addiction out of the hospital.  Sometimes the biggest obstacle for the addict to overcome is admitting that they need help.  Clean and sober, able-bodied individuals that enter a hospital for an injury or accident don’t want to walk out believing that they managed to develop an addiction to their pain meds in a few short weeks, but the reality is that it can happen and does on a frequent basis.  As friends, family and loved ones watching over those afflicted, it is your job to help these former patients and the best way is to spot the symptoms of abuse in the early stages.


Percocet Drug Addiction SymptomsA couple of the following queues do not build a solid case for abuse, but many of them clustered together are reason for concern.  Behavioural and physical Percocet drug addiction symptoms usually begin with the following:



  • Irritability
  • Chest pains
  • Grogginess
  • Decreased respiratory functions
  • Health decline
  • Excessive sweating
  • Dizziness



  • Paranoia
  • Stealing
  • Lying
  • Isolation
  • Apathy
  • Delusions
  • Anxiety


These are all pretty clear indications that something is wrong.  This would especially be the case for individuals that appeared to have their lives together and then experienced some abnormal deviation out of the blue that affected many facets of their lives.  This aberration from the normal routine and behaviour could be attributed to a Percocet drug addiction.  Percocet drug addiction symptoms will eventually balloon past the lists above and begin to negatively affect the individual’s life in ways that become increasingly apparent.  Users could experience any of the following:


– Bankruptcy – Arrest
– Divorce – Homelessness
– Domestic Abuse – Heart attack
– Seizures – Coma
– Death


When any of the events above happen to an otherwise unassuming individual that may have access to prescription pain medication such as Percocet and no serious emotional problems, some form of dependency cannot be overlooked.  The next step would be getting him/her some help if an addiction is discovered.


Fortunately there are many options for helping individuals with Percocet drug addiction symptoms in the form of support groups and both inpatient and outpatient stays.  Getting the addict to admit they have a problem could prove to be more difficult.  Provided you can convince them to seek treatment at a facility like the Horizons Clinic, they will receive detoxification and withdrawal help on the way to sobering up, which should reduce some of the symptoms of Percocet drug addiction.  The Horizons Clinic also uses some alternative medications in the form of Methadone and Suboxone to make the effects of the patient’s drug less appealing.  These medications remove the brain’s ability to release dopamine, which prevent’s the addict form achieving the high they crave, but does not negate the beneficial effects of the pain reliever.

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