What treatments are available for Oxycontin Drug Addiction?

What Treatments Are Available For Oxycontin Drug Addiction?

Oxycontin Drug AddictionOxycontin drug addiction is a serious problem that has a firm grip on our society today.  The strength and availability of this drug make it dangerous and difficult to control as it is regularly prescribed to patients with chronic pain and terminal illnesses.  The good news is that there are facilities that can treat Oxycontin drug addicts and also guide them through the recovery process.  This is promising for individuals dealing with addiction, but they must be willing to accept treatment.  Therein lies a very difficult conclusion for many addicts to reach if they want to kick the habit.


Oxycontin is on the same level as heroin when it comes to the effort required to fight through the withdrawal period.  For this reason, the rate of successful recovery from the drug is very small, but can be increased with help from a rehabilitation facility like the Horizon Clinics that can provide individuals with the right environment and positive reinforcement required to abstain from Oxycontin.  Recreational use that is realized before full-blown addiction may be handled with clinic visits or support groups meetings which represent varying degrees of treatment and are outlined below.

Support Groups

These would include meetings that can occur daily, weekly or monthly depending on how badly the user needs them.  Support groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous for Oxycontin drug addiction are not uncommon and are generally for those individuals that have successfully navigated through a rehabilitation clinic stay and are in recovery.  They can also be effective for individuals with lesser degrees of addiction that are looking for help to abstain.  The meetings represent a coping mechanism that allows addicts to relate and discuss triggers that can cause a relapse.


As noted, the withdrawal process from Oxycontin can be very difficult and can cause many addicts to return to the drug shortly after any attempt to quit. Medications such as methadone and suboxone – when taken with the appropriate medical supervision, can relieve many of these symptoms and increase the chances of a successful recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

This is considered a more intensive step in the process of rehabilitation and recovery, but not as extreme as an extended inpatient stay at a clinic.  Outpatient treatment for Oxycontin drug addiction can allow for the addict to resume daily life functions; they can work, visit friends and family, and enjoy a normal schedule, while maintaining a regular appointment with a certified doctor or therapist.  This type of treatment is reserved for users that have a lesser degree of addiction or may be transitioning from a successful inpatient clinic stay to normal daily functions that might include support group meetings.

Inpatient Treatment

This is the most extreme form of treatment that is usually reserved for full-blown addicts in desperate need of help.  Many times the individuals that find themselves in rehab clinics for extended stays have not put themselves there voluntarily.  Inpatient treatment is designed to basically remove all outside influences and provide a safe, relaxing environment for the addict to rid Oxycontin from their system.


Oxycontin drug addiction is very difficult to break, but with the appropriate team of doctors, counsellors and loved ones on your side, the chances of success become much higher.

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