What Are The Long Term Effects of Using Fentanyl?

What Are The Long Term Effects of Using Fentanyl?

The drug Fentanyl is a narcotic that’s used to help control the pain experienced amongst cancer patients. Dangerous long term effects from Fentanyl can occur if the use of the drug is not managed properly. These can include addiction, overdosing, and harmful effects on the body.


The prescription drug Fentanyl can become extremely habit forming. In fact, it’s one of the most potent opiate medicines on the market. The drug was designed for surgery recovery and for breakthrough pain. Today, it’s widely used in hospitals all over the country.


Fentanyl Long Term EffectThere are several ways to use Fentanyl including a lollipop, a patch, a pill, and a film that’s placed under the tongue. The short-term symptoms of using this medication include euphoria, drowsiness, lethargy, and mellowness. As a result, the potential to become addicted and form a lifelong addiction is a serious risk.


As an individual forms a habit to Fentanyl, acquiring the drug on a regular basis may become problematic. The user may begin to look for the drug through illegal street sales. This can lead to incarceration and a criminal record. In addition to this, the user may also pawn off valuables, steal from others, and ruin relationships in their attempts to acquire the drug.


Another threat associated with Fentanyl is mixing it with heroin. This is done by addicts to increase the initial high of heroin. This practice has been used by injection drug users in this country for over a decade and continues to be a serious problem today. It has consumed thousands of lives over the years.

Kidney and Liver Damage

When an individual becomes addicted to Fentanyl, and they abuse the drug on a regular basis, there are many adverse side effects. One serious condition that can result is liver and kidney damage. As the drug is repeatedly abused, the addict’s liver and kidneys will become deteriorated and can even experience failure.

Chronic Pulmonary Disease

People who suffer from Chronic Pulmonary Disease in addition to asthma need to be very careful about taking Fentanyl. When it is taken by individuals that suffer from these conditions, permanent damage to the respiratory system or even to death can occur.


Once an individual becomes addicted, they’ll have to increase the amount and the frequency of the dose in order to get their desired effects. As the amount and the frequency increases, so does the potential to overdose. In many cases, overdosing leads to death. If you or a loved one is addicted to Fentanyl, it’s important to find a treatment centre that offers recovery programs for Fentanyl addicts.

Problems Within The Family Structure

Addiction to Fentanyl can cause many unnecessary problems in the family structure. When an individual is addicted, they may neglect their children or their spouse, they may pawn off valuables to pay for their addiction, and emotional and physical violence can also occur. As the habit continues, problems within the family structure may continue to worsen until professional help is acquired.


Fentanyl is an effective tool for eliminating pain, but the long term effects can be quite drastic if usage is not monitored.

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