What are some common Oxycontin drug addiction symptoms?

What Are Some Common Oxycontin Drug Addiction Symptoms?

Oxycontin drug addiction can be so strong and encompassing that it is not difficult to spot symptoms of abuse very quickly.  These symptoms can include changes in physical appearance, social and mental instability, and decreased interactions with family and friends as the user increases his/her intake of the drug.  Oxycontin is an analgesic, which means that there is nearly no cap to the effects of the drug as the user consumes larger quantities.  For this reason, the user’s brain continues to release additional dopamine with each time they ingest the drug and this effectively solidifies the physical and psychological addictions very quickly.  When broken down into behavioral and physical symptoms, the addict will quickly exhibit many of the following:


Oxycontin Drug Addiction SymptomsBehavioral:

  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Loss of financial control
  • Pawning possessions
  • Isolation
  • Anxiety
  • Apathy
  • Paranoia



  • Excessive sweating
  • Irritability
  • Overall health decline
  • Migraines
  • Chest pain
  • Grogginess
  • Dizziness


One might argue that many of these symptoms individually do not confirm the use of Oxycontin and a drug addiction, but when many of them are revealed, they make a pretty solid case for addiction.  There are also many hotlines and rehabilitation facilities like the Horizons Clinic that can help you decipher puzzling behavior that might relate to drug abuse.  Some of the most telltale signs are when individuals who seemingly “had it together” begin to falter at work and in their personal lives with no explanation.  There is no specific demographic that an Oxycontin addiction latches onto; it can destroy the lives of an affluent family just as quickly as that of a troubled teenager.  The downward spiral of Oxycontin drug addiction also has symptoms that are more telling as the disease progresses, which can permanently affect the user’s life, especially in the form of criminal activity.  The following symptoms represent the worst of what an Oxycontin addiction can do to.


– Domestic abuse – Heart attack
– Arrest – Seizures
– Divorce – Coma
– Bankruptcy – Death
– Homelessness


In reality, the loved ones of drug addicts seem to feel the pain of a user’s addiction the worst.  This is because many times they feel powerless to stop the problem and can only stand by and watch as the addict’s condition gets worse over time.  Addicts will quickly spend their way through wages and savings without any regard for the rest of their families, which leads to guilt and shame.  The wedge that Oxycontin addiction can drive between husband and wife frequently splits families and the children are left wondering what they might have done to cause the split.


The only solution to a full-blown addiction is to seek help, and many times an addict will not agree to treatment unless they can be clearly shown the degree of destruction the disease is doing to themselves and their family.  The bottom line is that loved ones should look for changes when attempting to spot an addiction.  Oxycontin addiction symptoms are subtle in the beginning but become more apparent as the addict gets worse, so it is important to spot clusters of negative changes as early as possible to get help for this powerful addiction.

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