How can someone get Fentanyl drug addiction help?

How Can Someone Get Fentanyl Drug Addiction Help?

A major factor in getting the necessary help for Fentanyl drug addiction is finding the right facility to help work through withdrawal, and guide the recovery process. Horizons Clinic offers all of the necessary and appropriate supports to help patients work through their addiction issues and get back on their feet. Just as every person is unique, every addiction problem is unique, so different people require different supports. Many people find that inpatient facilities are the most effective for treating drug addiction. Programs range from thirty- to ninety-day stays, and this is usually based on the severity and longevity of the person’s addiction.


The patient may need to detox, if they have drugs in their system when they arrive at Horizons Clinic. This process requires suffering through withdrawal symptoms until the drug is no longer in their bloodstream. It is crucial that detoxing is monitored because addicts often do desperate things to try to get another fix when they begin to withdraw. Undergoing this process in a rehab facility is the first step to ensuring recovery.

What Does Withdrawal Look Like?

There are many symptoms of withdrawal, all of which are uncomfortable and painful. Withdrawing from Fentanyl can include:


  • Fentanyl Drug Addiction Helpnausea and vomiting
  • cramps, sweating, and chills
  • weakness and yawning
  • pain in the muscles, joints and bones
  • runny nose and watering eyes
  • anxiety and irritability
  • insomnia
  • high blood pressure


Having support during withdrawal is so important. There is so much temptation to relapse, especially because the brain sometimes thinks it is dying while withdrawing, so it is crucial to have support in place to ensure the patient endures the withdrawal symptoms without returning to the drugs.

Methadone and Suboxone

Once a person is addicted to opioid drugs, it is extremely difficult to become independent of substances entirely. Hard drugs have a way of altering the brain’s chemistry in such a way that the person cannot function without some chemical dependence. As part of holistic treatment, many doctors prescribe either methadone or Suboxone, which takes the place of the dangerous drug.


Methadone and Suboxone work by nullifying the effects of other narcotics, by clocking the brain’s receptors, meaning that they won’t feel the high if they do relapse. They can also decrease withdrawal symptoms, making that process much more manageable. These drugs replace the harmful ones so that the addict can go on living a functional life, without the risks that are associated with drug addiction, but by filling the void created in the brain by the drugs.

Holistic Treatment

Fentanyl addiction treatment works best when combined with therapy for the issues that led to substance dependence in the first place. By resolving the issues at the heart of the patient’s addiction, they have a better chance at living a fulfilled and rewarding life off drugs. Just as each patient is unique, each patient requires a unique but holistic treatment plan. Horizons Clinic offers behavioural therapy alongside medicinal therapy to work towards the best possible result for each patient.

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