What are some common cocaine drug addiction symptoms?

What Are Some Common Cocaine Drug Addiction Symptoms?

Cocaine Drug Addiction SymptomsThere are a myriad of cocaine drug addiction symptoms, both physiological and behavioural. Cocaine has a serious and consequential effect on the brain, as it alters the brain’s ability to absorb the natural chemicals that cause emotional highs and lows, even after only one use. As it blocks these chemicals from the neurotransmitters in the brain, it causes them to build up in between the nerves, which creates the intense feeling of elation, or high. The problem is, after the first high, no subsequent highs ever come close to the same levels of intensity and euphoria. Now that the user is unable to feel natural highs from everyday life, they are dependent on drugs to feel good. Cocaine addicts then need higher doses of the drug, and more and more frequently, in order to enjoy that high feeling. Oftentimes, they will mix cocaine with alcohol, or other drugs, in an attempt to experience a high like that first one. These attempts get more and more desperate, making all of the symptoms increase in turn.

Exhibited Symptoms of a High
  • Someone who is presently high on cocaine will: demonstrate an excited demeanour, with elevated expressions and intensity
  • They will often speak very quickly, perhaps with increased volume
  • They may seem agitated or hyper, which may manifest in anger, apparent happiness, or sexual arousal
  • During a high, a person may exhibit violent behaviour, which may be the result of hallucinations, anxiety, or paranoia
  • A psychosis may occur, where the user loses touch with reality
  • They will probably experience an elevated heart rate and higher blood pressure than normal
  • Their pupils are likely dilated
  • Their skin may get itchy
  • If the cocaine was snorted, it is possible to have a nosebleed immediately following ingestion; it is likely, though, they will have a runny, sniffling nose
  • They might experience nausea and even vomiting
  • In the event of an overdose, they may go into a coma, experience cardiac arrest, or have a stroke, any of which may end in death.
Symptoms of The Comedown And Low
  • When a user is coming down from their high, they will feel tired, and will want to sleep it off
  • There may be continued anxiety and paranoia, probably combined with feelings of depression
  • They will likely feel desperate for the next high
Symptoms of The Comedown And Low
  • Continuous users who snort coke will experience loss of smell, frequent nosebleeds, and nasal inflammation
  • They will likely be sniffling frequently, dealing with a constant runny nose
  • Users who inject will have visible needle marks on their arms, and eventually in other places as well
  • Addicts will be sleep-deprived, and malnourished from their loss of appetite
  • They will have high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease, kidney and liver failure, digestion issues, and stroke


Of course, the longer the individual is addicted to cocaine, the worse the symptoms will become. People who engage less frequently will have less intense symptoms, however the effects to the brain begin with the first use.

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