What are the long term effects of using Oxycontin?

What Are The Long Term Effects of Using Oxycontin?

There are many long term effects of using Oxycontin, but the most prevalent is addiction.  Oxycontin is the pharmaceutical name for the drug oxycodone, which is used to treat chronic pain.  The drug is an agonist opioid, which means that it has an increasingly analgesic effect as the user ingests more Oxycontin.  Basically the more you take, the better you feel.  It is understandable that this would make it an ideal medication for long term pain sufferers with extreme discomfort, but the trouble with Oxycontin is the tolerance that one builds over prolonged usage requires increasing amounts of the drug to achieve the desired effect.  Besides addiction, the following long term effects are considered common:


– Constipation – Overdose
– Liver Disease – Coma
– Arthritis – Death
– Vomiting – Myocardial infarction
– Loss of testosterone in males – Respiratory failure
– CNS damage


Oxycontin Long Term EffectAs you can see, the long term effect of abusing Oxycontin can destroy your health, but the collateral damage to your personal life can be equally as devastating.  Addicted Oxycontin users cannot typically hold jobs for long periods, and often resort to unsavory behaviour such as lying, stealing and other criminal activities to support their ever-growing habit.  It is not uncommon for habitual users that were once prosperous, hardworking individuals with families to devolve into seemingly hopeless addicts that will do just about anything for their next Oxycontin pills.  This is the sad reality of chemical dependency and how destructive it can be to loved ones and families.


When you ingest Oxycontin, the drug attaches to opioid receptors that span your central nervous system (CNS).  After the opioid receptors are connected, the user begins to feel his/her pain subside and typically users report a euphoric effect.  The problem, like with most Schedule II controlled substances is that the effect is fleeting and too good to let go of, which is why millions of individuals abuse Oxycontin.  Building a tolerance to the drug and ingesting more of it on a frequent basis only magnifies the long term effects listed above and the eventual result is an overdose.


The chance of overdosing on Oxycontin is increased due to the drug’s analgesic effects and the user’s desire to continually ingest more without professional medical guidance.  When considering long term effects of Oxycontin, there is an overwhelming probability that the addict will eventually overdose and could fall into a comatose state.   There is very little quality of life at this point and it is more than likely that irreparable damage has been done to the addict’s CNS and overall health.


The withdrawal effects of long term Oxycontin abuse also make it very difficult to stop using the drug as the addict will more than likely experience:


– Chills – Nausea
– Migraines – Anxiety
– Fever – Depression
– Insomnia


For these reasons, an Oxycontin abuser can expect the psychological addiction of the drug to be a very crippling long term effect as well.  Addicts that have ever really tried to get sober know they can expect a truly difficult ordeal.  Directly or indirectly, the long term effects of Oxycontin abuse will ultimately lead to deteriorating physical and mental health, followed by possible overdose.

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